Various color coated aluminum foil+PE Specification Structure : Coated aluminum foil laminated wi
VMPET/ LDPE Specification 1, Structure: Metalized PET+LDPE 2, Thicknes
Color Coated Aluminum Foil LDPE Specification 1.The structure: color coated/ aluminum foil
Aluminum foil coated PE 1.The structure of two layers Aluminum foil laminated PE
Laquer coated aluminum foil+LDPE  Specification Color: Transparent laquer coated Thickness
Aluminum foil+fiberglass woven cloth Specification Structure: 1.Fiberglass woven/Aluminum foil
Antiglare coated aluminum foil+LDPE Specification Structure: Antiglare coated aluminum foil lam
Aluminum foil / Metallized PET/CPP/BOPP Specification Max Width per roll: 1.6M, it can be slit acc
Aluminum foil+PE with printing Specification 1, Material structure: Printing+ aluminum fo
VMPET laminated PE Specification Yarn Grade Metallized PET film+ LDPE Color:
Metalized PET film Specification Structure: Metalized PET/BOPP/CPP, Aluminized
Aluminum foil laminated with PET /PE films Specification Max Width per roll: 1.6M max Length per rol
PE coated various color metallized PET Film Specification 1.The structure of two layers metalized PET
Aluminum foil laminated with FR PE films Specification 1.Alu with varnish/ Laquer 2.Alu with color
Colorful metallized PET film Specification 1. Color: Red, silvery, blue, green,  purpl
Aluminum foil/ color / PE film Specification 1.Structure : Print aluminum foil laminated PE
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