POLYHOME was founded when Feb.2009, Which is a manufactory produce PE film, water proof film and package raw materials. Our main products including Metallized Film Series ,OPP composite aluminum foil film new materials series ,PET special film series package products.

It has more than 100 experienced workers in the workshop , with imported high technical production equipment which include

2 sets PET film production line 4.8m
1 set Germany LEYBOLD vacuum metalizing equipment (2100mm),
1 set American suspension metalizing machine (2300mm),
5 sets three layers film blowing machine the digital film cutting processing line, manufactured by Germany company KAMPF,
3 sets high speed 10 colors coating and printing processing line,
2 sets lamination production line from Nordmeccanica group,
3 sets normal Lamination line , 

others related rewiding, cutting, and Inspection facilities etc. 

The company has the fastest delivery and the most economic cost solution . Meanwhile we have strong development advantage, Quick response to customer demand, provide professional and perfect film and composite film products.

Environmental protection, Innovative technical and consistent quality.  Sincerely hope joint hand save the engergy and protect our world.